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2017/02/27 10:13:04

Bobcat ZT220d wont start no sound

Hello, I went down a steep grade and skewed a little bit and tried to regain control. I ended at the bottom of the hill with a small 2" diameter tree being my stopping point on dead center front end. After then it would not start. I put it in tow mode, and pulled it up to the house. the pulley belt underneath the deck came off so I put it back on. Now it will not start. No click, no nothing.
Any thoughts? thank you!
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I would check fuse(s) and check safety switches first.
2017/02/27 11:46:14
All fuses are good and safety switches.
2017/02/27 14:18:20
A little (or A LOT) outa my element here, but: In "tow mode", wheels rolled freely? Engine not seized? Starter &/or flywheel not jammed? How hard di'ja hit the tree? Hydraulic pump not jammed? Seals blown? Any, & ALL(!) safety "fail safe"s checked & reset?
2017/03/19 21:02:53
check the battery
2017/03/28 22:33:54

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