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2017/03/20 13:05:28

Troy Built Pony won't start.

I have a Troy Built Pony with a 17.5 HP Briggs I/C engine.  It was working fine.  I shut it down, then when I tried to restart it, it was dead.  No power going to the starter.  The battery is new, I replaced the ignition switch because it was intermittent, and I replace the 20 amp fuse by the battery.  When I turn the ignition the solenoid on the carburetor clicks, but the starter does nothing.  If I run jumper cables to the starter with the battery installed the starter will turn.  If I try to jump straight to the starter from the battery without the battery being hooked up to the tractor electrical system nothing happens.  I bypassed the parking break safety switch and the under seat safety switch thinking these might be the problem and still nothing. What am I missing?
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Do you have a good multimeter?
Is starter solenoid 3 pole or 4 pole?
2017/03/22 14:38:25
I don't have a mutimeter.  It is a 3 pole solenoid but it was the first thing I replaced so I do not think it is the solenoid. 
2017/03/23 11:50:43
A multimeter would come in very handy here and save time.
If you have a spare wire you could attach the wire to the battery positive then disconnect the small wire on starter solenoid terminal. Take other end and touch the starter solenoid terminal(where small wire was disconnected at).
If you had a multimeter then you could disconnect small terminal wire from solenoid and test voltage on the wire when turning key(trying to start), a lot faster.
2017/03/23 13:03:10

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