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2017/05/31 11:14:46

Need Advise on Zero turn lawn mower

My name is Roman. I recently moved to my new home and looking for a zero turn for my garden. I found a post about zero turn mower reviews while searching on the internet. Here is the link to the review page. Have anyone experience of using any of these mowers? please advise.
Thank you.
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Any one of them would probably serve you well. However, I recommend concentrating more on a dealer who properly sets up and services what he/she sells. These machines are too complex for the yard attendant at the box store.
2017/06/01 12:13:38
I bought a Hustler Raptor for my 2.5 acres in Florida. It ran great for maybe a year then parts started failing off it and I've had engine problems. Maybe not the best $3000 investment.

2017/06/27 05:53:33
You get the Raptor or the Raptor Sd?
2017/06/27 09:57:15
Raptor not Raptor SD.
It's been used a lot and probably has been abused as well.
Only had it about 10 months and the deck fell off! The person who built it did not torque the hardware properly.
I have replaced most of the nuts with nylon insert lock nuts the factory ones are pathetic.
Another annoying thing about the mower is.... where the covers are over the deck belt pulleys that gets full of grass and debris if I forget to take the covers off to clean the debris out the deck belt comes off the pulleys and boy do I know how to put the belt back on.
I bought the RAPTOR because Hustler had interest free financing and at the time 2013 it was one of the top 10 mowers. 
2017/06/27 12:45:01
I have heard several people complain about the Raptor. One of the forums I am on, seen a person complaining about the side discharge clogging up.
2017/06/27 17:19:18
Yes that as well, my mowers chute the bottom protection rail has rotted off so it does not clog anymore.
And yesterday I had to replace both coils and spark plugs due to the engine bogging down under load.
2017/06/28 15:52:15
Someone bumped a thread up on Hustler Raptor(different forum), four different people had the bolt break off that holds the deck in the front causing it to drop.
Seems like most people like the SD model though.
2017/06/29 10:55:35
Best of luck in your search.If I had to do it all over again I would buy a mower with more than one dealer in the area cos the guy here charges way over the top for parts.

2017/06/30 06:31:08
Have you found the solution for your problem or not? Because I have the same one with my Raptor when I have tried to connect it to the green-works 24252
2018/02/27 14:36:08

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