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2016/04/17 14:17:55

Briggs and Stratton 020601 Electric power washer Help!

Hi all,
My name is nathan and i brought a power washer not to long ago. Unfortunately the washer has broken and i did not get a warranty on it so i am trying to fix it myself. I have took it apart and found the problem. One of the hoses has broken. The problem i have now is that i do not know whats the name of the hose or whats the name of the part that it is connected to. I have looked on the internet and i havent has any luck finding the hose ( because i dont know its name ). I was wondering if anyone could help me out with this matter. I have a link to some pictures below.

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Why not try to get a new pressure washer. Because fixing it will still need money for the repair, so why not get  a new one...
2017/03/02 10:19:44
The post is almost a year old, he has probably dealt with it by now.
2017/03/02 22:36:20

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