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2016/05/20 22:02:35

Toro Z149 - replaced a wheel motor - Wheel turns backwards now

I purchased and installed an aftermarket wheel motor (part# 1-523328). 
Now, the wheel turns backwards.  Can I fix this?  If so, how?
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Hoses are hooked up wrong ??????
2016/05/26 13:20:08
hello...I have a cub cadet m60 tank . the right side hydro pump developed a leak right at fan shaft !  its 1 little round seal in there , but now there telling me that this pump is now obsolete ? also no one I can find has a repair kit for it !  now I might add that this pump works good , its just this that round shaft seal leaks . dealer were I have it says he can replace the pump ( how if its obsolete ?) for 1100.00 plus labor !   the shaft is cub # 02001101  style BDP-12 .  I mic. the shaft and it is 7/16 . now on ebay on seen kits for BDP-10 ,  does anybody have any ideas ?  its a 07 m60 tank 29hp kowasaki
sure would appreciate any help !   thank you
2016/07/22 21:38:15
The pump is most likely made by Hydro Gear. Look for the sticker with the model number on the pump. Those seals are readily available.
2017/05/11 22:31:00

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