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2019/08/21 13:48:27

Just bought old Dixon ZTR. Was that dumb?

I just bought a 1991 or 92 42" Dixon 429 for $300. It's in great shape except it needs a new top bearing (on the cone shaft) in the transaxle. The 14hp Kohler command starts/runs like new, and it came with the (never used) snow blade. I have disassembled the transaxle, and am waiting on 2 new bearings and cones. 
My question is: Once I get the transaxle back together and assuming I get it adjusted to where the mower is driving good, should I sell it (if so, what's it worth), or keep as my residential mower?
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Hi jdoginky! I did something like that about 8 years ago. I bought a 60" Snapper zero that is older than yours that had a hard life. The deck had been abused a lot, so I knew what I was getting into. I intended to fix it up and flip it. Before this, I had been using rear engine riders and a Ford 8N with a 60" mower. I really intended to fix and sell. The deck needed quite a bit of work, bearing and blades and sheet metal work. After I got it back together before painting, I tried it out on our 2 acres. I fell in love  with it. Wound up keeping it and never looking back. I think you will also. Good luck.
2019/11/05 17:02:57
Try it out first, see if you like it. As you can see it has a rather unusual drive system parts for which are difficult to find.
2019/11/05 17:38:01

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