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2019/10/28 19:32:06

Where does this spring go?

I have an Ariens 924128 / 1332 Snowblower.  I took it apart this past spring to clean everything up and get ready for the 2019/2020 snow season.  I worked on it a bit by bit over the summer and putting it together now.  However, I failed to remember where one of the springs goes.  I've looked at the service & parts manual and it shows the spring "floating in space" unclear to what it attaches.  I THINK I've identified where it goes based on wear marks but am not certain b/c it seems to sit funny and be a bit under too much tension.
Any ideas where the spring should go?
I'm fairly sure it's item 3 circled in the manual below which is identified as part of the yoke assembly.  I've also circled the spring in the photograph where I THINK it goes.
Can anyone confirm or deny the location for sure?
Thanks for your help!
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Paul I would say you have it in the correct spot. 
2019/11/12 18:32:00

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