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2016/08/01 12:09:15

Zeron Turn Lawn Mower Advice

Hi Everyone!
My name is Megan. My husband and I recently moved into our new home. Our old lawn mower broke, and I am thinking of getting my husband a Zero Turn Mower. I came across this review of Top 9 Best Zero Turn Mowers. I am thinking of getting him Swisher ZTR2454KA Response 24HP 54-Inch Kawasaki ZTR Mower. Any thoughts or experience with this model? In advance thanks for your help! :)
I look forward to hearing from you guys.  Who would have thought the lawn mower equipment buy would be so time consuming!!
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Swisher builds a very good product as do many other z-turn manufacturers. IMHO, a good dealer that provides solid after sales support is more important than a specific brand, Swisher is virtually unheard of in our area. Toro and J-D rule here.
That particular model uses a joy stick which takes time to adjust to, you and hubby may find you like the twin chest high levers much better. I certainly do. I also tried a Toro with the short twin sticks between the knees that are designed to be operated with one hand. That was fun, I almost climbed a tree.
2016/08/10 16:21:34
ya I would highly recoment a toro.
2017/03/28 22:43:30

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