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Hot!Problem with Kohler 15hp fuel system

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2016/08/12 20:28:32 (permalink)

Problem with Kohler 15hp fuel system

Hello Folks, I had a problem with my Kubota 1670 lawn tractor. It wouldn't start because it wasn't getting fuel. I replaced the fuel pump, part of the fuel line and rebuilt the carb. Tractor started right up and I was able to cut my lawn, ran great. I put it away and then a couple of weeks later tried to start it.  The tractor started for a minute then popped and sputtered blowing white smoke. The engine flooded out. I let it sit a few days and then tried again. Same thing happened. Removing the air filter I can see gas puddled up in the intake. Anyone have an idea what might be going on? Seem like the needle might not be seating and allowing fuel to freely flow. Do I need a new carb or should I disassemble this one again?

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    Re: Problem with Kohler 15hp fuel system 2016/08/12 20:54:48 (permalink)
    How is the oil level?
    If it is flooding then a new float valve/needle and seat is recommended. Also check float
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    Re: Problem with Kohler 15hp fuel system 2016/08/15 17:59:11 (permalink)
    Float should be fine on this model. You can shake it by your ear and listen for fuel sloshing around. Definitely in needle/seat or fuel solenoid if equipped. If you can't get it to stop and don't have money for carb, you can install a inline fuel shutoff and cut supply while parked.
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