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Disable oil level sensor on etq TG72B12?

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2020/08/09 16:39:05 (permalink)

Disable oil level sensor on etq TG72B12?

I own a  ETQ TG72B12 Generator, hard to find info on it.  We just had tropical storm on east coast.  We lost power for several days.  Generator ran great for 2 of those days After which it failed every 20 min after that.  It did originally have problem with low oil indicator, years ago.  It seemed very sensitive in that I was short about 4 oz of oil.  Thinking that was the problem, I checked oil every time it failed this time.  Does anyone know how to disable low oil sensor on this unit For diagnostic purpose. i don’t have a clue about this sensor on this unit and any help would be so appreciated. I have attached wiring diagram but honestl knowing exact instructions would be so helpful.

thank you

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    Re: Disable oil level sensor on etq TG72B12? 2020/08/09 17:11:03 (permalink)
    Wiring Schematic didn't make it through but I found the OM with in it.
    Disconnect the blue wire at the silver box at the oil sensor. Note this will also disable the low fuel sensor too.

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