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Hot!Proper way to winterize yard equipment

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2020/11/16 09:09:21 (permalink)

Proper way to winterize yard equipment

I am in the process of winterizing all my yard equipment. My question actually applies to all my stuff including my Sea-Doo and my boat. I have asked myself this question every year and now I would like to hear what the general consensus is. Is it best to just turn off the engine on your last run for the season and leave gas in the carburetor, tank, fuel lines etc. or is it better to run everything bone dry? Some of my friends say leave the gas in so everything stays wet and membranes, flapper valves, lines, seals and gaskets don't dry up and crack and others say run it dry so things don't gum up or get destroyed by the ethanol in the gas. Now the last problem actually does not apply to me, because I don't use regular car gas. I only use Marine fuel (ethanol free gas) on my equipment. So what is the experts opinion? Run it dry or leave it wet?

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    Re: Proper way to winterize yard equipment 2020/11/16 12:22:27 (permalink)
    Leave it wet and add a stabilizer such as Sea Foam or Optimizer which I like to the gas before the last use, this gets treated fuel through the whole system. Fill the tanks before putting things away to minimize condensation. Quality 2 stroke oil is treated so no need to add more which creates more problems than it solves.
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