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CH23S over revving

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2016/10/04 12:26:39 (permalink)

CH23S over revving

Long story short, My son gets out of the Navy next month and starts with the Pipe fitters through the VIP program. We were given a Lincoln Ranger 250 to get him started. It has a Kohler CH23S 76635. When it last ran it was running on high idle, when it started running even faster and blowing black smoke. The owner shut it down in about 30 seconds and has never tried to restart it. It appears to have fuel in the oil, but running rich enough for the black smoke, could do that.To me it sounds like carb / governor issue, but being unfamiliar with Kohlers and not finding a manual on their website, I'm here, hoping for some insight, before beginning work on it. 
Thank you

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    Re: CH23S over revving 2016/10/18 12:45:30 (permalink)
    Black smoke is from too much fuel, fuel in the oil is because the carb is flooding. Need to clean carb and replace float valve(needle) and check condition of float valve seat, also inspect float
    May have more than one problem, not sure yet.
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