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Answered2010 CUB CADET LTX1040

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2018/05/20 21:49:23 (permalink)

2010 CUB CADET LTX1040

This mower has done it before, while im turning (either way) it slowly slows down to a complete stop. I then have to straighten out the wheels, let off the accelator, and push the pedal back in for it to go. I replaced  Transmission belt and drive belt last time. (about 2 months ago)
And now it has started it again. I used a stens on the transmission and a OEM cub belt on the drive belt.
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Re: 2010 CUB CADET LTX1040 2018/05/21 06:21:03 (permalink) ☼ Best Answerby Kawmule 2018/05/22 16:39:04
Most likely one of the belts is slipping again.
Now it is best both either OEM belts or Stens belts and not mix them them up. The reason is the OEM is not the same as 5/8 width belts that Stens provides. OEM have a different profile which makes comparing belts hard. For an example the 954-0467A has a 5L x 90.93 OEM spec while the Stens version is a standard 5/8 x 90.5. It would be the same for the secondary belt as it is also a 5L speced belt and the Stens is standard 5/8.
I have personally have used a 5/8 x 41 Kevlar belt to replace the 954-04208 belt which is Stens speced at 5/8 x 41.25
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