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Throttle control on a small engine

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2018/08/19 20:56:35 (permalink)

Throttle control on a small engine

I want to adapt a small engine to a snowdog that I'm building.  Can someone tell me if I can control the throttle on a snow blower engine with like we do on a snowmobile or on a kart. If so, can you tell me what part do I need to do it.
Thank you in advance

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    Re: Throttle control on a small engine 2018/08/20 07:19:12 (permalink)
    Depends if the engine you are looking can even idle if it is a fixed speed version as some carburetors used don't even have idle circuits. If it then it is matter of a throttle control assembly from variable speed version of the engine or make your own and attach the governor spring to it. Of you need to determined what Top no Load RPM is going to be and what amount of governor droop that is desired. It is difference between Top No Load RPM and Top Full Load RPM.
    Then all you got find the right spring with the right spring rate.
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