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Hot!Lawnmower won't run

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2018/09/16 14:48:36 (permalink)

Lawnmower won't run

Engine: 407577 0284e1

I'm in need of some help. I got a lawnmower as a hand me down and took the challenge of getting it running. Well I'm out of ideas as to what is happening and how to diagnose.

So the problem is a bit strange. The first thing I noticed was a push rod was missing so I opened the crankcase and got the rod out. Everything looked okay. No metal pieces or shavings. The oil was pretty gross, but it looked decent. So I put it back together and put new oil in it. So I replaced the bad head and push rods. I set the lash to .004 on all of them. So now what I'm experiencing is intermittent running. Most of the time it just cranks, occasionally it will start and then die. I cleaned the carburetor. It does the same with starting fluid. I'm thinking either a fuel or a compression issue. The flow from the fuel pump just seems a bit weak and there's pressure from the oil filler tube (not surif normal). I tried a compression tester, and when it was running the old head side read 90, but I could not get the engine to start again with the new side so I gave up. Any ideas what o should try next?

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