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Hot!Toro Power Max 826 LE Snowblower

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2019/02/22 17:24:41 (permalink)

Toro Power Max 826 LE Snowblower

I've had this snowblower probably for over 10 years and it's been beaten on a bit (it has a lot of backlogged maintenance), but this winter I'm finally fixing it up. So far I've changed the oil, removed all rust, repainted it, put on a new scraper blade, put on new wear plates, put on a new carburetor, and put on a new primer bulb. However, with the last two changes, the snowblower started to run differently. Before I put the new carburetor on there was an issue where the engine would rev for a second, then it would die down, then rev again, and went in a cycle like that. After the carburetor was put on, it ran beautifully and would have a much more constant engine speed. Now that I've put on a new primer bulb the engine still has a pretty constant speed, but it revs much higher, then stalls out. I'd rather not kill the engine on this thing, so does anyone think they know what could've caused this? Is it dangerous? Can I fix it? 
Thanks for your input. 

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