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Instant Noodle Machine price

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Instant Noodle Machine price

The BFP-Ⅱ series fried instant noodle machine developed by our company founded Guojian Yao, and we have produce the fried instant noodle machine for many year, also we have not stopped our research and development, scientific innovation is our company concept. So, our fried instant noodle machine meets the requirements of a modern factory. We have exported the fried instant noodle production line about 8 years, and more than 10 countries. Last year ,we just sell to Nigeria two fried instant noodle production line, and our customer think our machines are of good quality, and this years July 7th, 2018, order a new line. So trust us, and welcome to our company.
The fried instant noodle production line have those advantages:
*Managed by advanced controlling theory with high-performance PLC and speed driver.
*Stable performance and high degree of automation, the production line feature automatic control of frying temperature, safe and reliable operation, convenient maintenance
*Low oil content of noodle cake and high rate of qualified
*Easy operate modularized to change the shape, all of our machine also use stainless steel, product through the ISO9001:2015, accord with requirement of the food hygienic standard.
*The produced noodles have the characteristics of deliciousness, crispness, smoothness and chewiness.Instant Noodle Machine price

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