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Re: Briggs engine 2019/06/26 21:32:43 (permalink)
Yeah they need the acr for cranking that’s y valve clearances are so important because if not right then they stall out near tdc comp because of the weak starters and compression they can’t overcome.Your vehicle doesn’t need that because your starter is strong enough to start it. Same reason why a weak battery struggles on mowers fails to make it past tdc comp
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Re: Briggs engine 2019/06/26 21:36:17 (permalink)
First yes these starters are inherently weak; hence, the use of an ACR. The 310000 and 330000 series both the 793880 camshaft which is known for ACR failures. So much so I keep a camshaft kit on hand all the the time. Yes a $85.00 sitting on the shelf is a little expensive but when it takes a couple + days to get one in, it does throw your whole work schedule off if you had already disassembled the engine.
When you do find the acr broken pay attention to other components too like the governor gear.
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Re: Briggs engine 2019/06/27 08:57:25 (permalink)
That makes perfect sense. I thought chainsaws were the only things with compression release, but you learn something new every day. This engine knocks pretty good, especially when you shut it off. Don’t know if a broken ACR would make that much noise. I will probably pull the bottom off that engine and take a look at it, but am swamped with work right now, but I’ll try to get at soon. Now You’ve got me wondering and I got to take one more look at it. Thank you.
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