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kawasaki 18 hp engine revs up and down

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2019/08/03 15:05:53 (permalink)

kawasaki 18 hp engine revs up and down

It started to back fire once in a while and now the engine revs up and down no matter the speed or even position of choke .. With the choke all the way out it will flood tho .. It will drive this way but not if you were to engage the blades it will die right away or after a short while ... Not rthat I would use it like this ...Ok here’s what I’ve done I’m at my wits end .. Rebuild carb . ok but then bought a new one anyway ,thought maybe some small port clogged I couldn’t get clean ,,was sure it was fuel problem . replaced the selinoid on carb also ,,,checked the fuel pump with a spare from another mower .. Checked fuel line , filter ect pulled the engine checked the governor ,,steel plates with balls in center as it spins centrifugal force moves it . Looked fine reset the timing when put it back together ... Valve adj ok .,, Compression is only 65 to 70 lbs both plugs out seemed low can’t find specs for this .runs the same with either plug wire off ever plugs clean ,a bit white tho fairly new plugs .. Engine only has 50 hours on it .. It’s a kawasaki FR600v 18 hp engine ... Yes I know it should be a briggs but I traded for this for some work I did for a friend ,,figured it was a fuel problem for sure and I wanted a rider anyway . He’d taken it to a shop they to said carb and wanted 350 to replace it ,that s how and why I got it ..Any help form you out there would be great . I will try to check this every day or 2 may everyone have a pleasant day ..
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