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Snapper SR1433 deck belt question.

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2019/08/19 18:33:16 (permalink)

Snapper SR1433 deck belt question.

Hi, I have a snapper SR1433, model number: 331415BVE, 33inch, 14hp rear motor a rider. And i have been trying to find the Right deck belt I think it's called, to engage the deck and start mowing again. My last belt burnt up and when I bought a new one it clearly doesn't fit at all. I'm not very mechanically inclined but I'm learning since being a new homeowner and all. It took me 2 hours to figure out how to take the belt off and on it's been a journey so far. But if anyone could help me out it would be much appreciated thank you!

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    Re: Snapper SR1433 deck belt question. 2019/08/19 20:01:17 (permalink)
    First make sure you have the 7043844YP hex belt (Double V) which is 73.75".
    Here is the belt routing for the deck belt.

    The belt retainer should be 1/16 from touching the belt and in the indicated positions per the above diagram.
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