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2016/09/09 09:34:13

Wablro WT324 rebuild kit compatibility

I have the "early" version of the WT324 where the gas feed tubes are on the same side of the carb.
Will the K10WAT rebuild kit work on this?    Thanks in advance.
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I doesn't look like it. I would just buy a new carb because 9 times out of 10 the carb will not work right.
2017/10/23 20:51:52
Walbro is only showing the WT-324-1 (WT-324a) and is listing the K10-WAT as the repair kit.
Now I would have to disagree on the rebuilt carbs not working right, just got to know what you're doing. I very seldom replace carburetor; unless, the cost of a new one is relative close the cost of the kit. In the last 3 yrs I have only replaced two carbs and those were because someone else had screwed them up using carburetor cleaner.
2017/10/24 12:20:12
I agree, I seldom replace a carburetor. Yes, it is sometimes cheaper to replace it if it is close to the cost of a kit.
I find most problems are from the new gas/alcohol. I see the screen is usually clogged from this.
As always use Stabilizers.
2017/11/13 08:36:02
I'm confused.  AVB commented above the he only replaced a couple of carburetors that "someone else had screwed up using carburetor cleaner."  How does carburetor cleaner screw up a carburetor?
2018/10/22 20:59:43
Have you ever read the label? It damages rubber parts and at times even damage plastic parts. Inside every cube carburetor and this usually leaves out the rotary versions are tiny rubber check valves. These are as small 2mm or less at times. Most times these are not replaceable.
Another thing that the DYIer does which can destroy these check valves is the use of tag wire to probe all the passages.
Now personally I only clean these carburetors using soap and water in my ultrasonic cleaner. Two benefits that comes besides getting the carburetor clean that is you are not exposed to dangerous chemicals and it environment friendly as I use biodegradable soaps. I have even had a can of dip or spray carburetor cleaner in my since 2014 when I gave away my last can of dip cleaner. It had been sitting on the shelf for over a year then. I clean carburetors weekly here in my shop. Matter of fact I cleaned two larger Briggs carburetors today and I got another one to do in the morning.
2018/10/22 21:21:29
Thank you for the info on carb cleaner.  I'm a quick learner but unfortunately, I sometimes learn from my mistakes.  This may be one of of them! I have the early version of the Walbro WT-324 (Craftsman P/N 530069703) with both fuel connectors on the choke side. I installed a new primer bulb, fuel lines, fuel filter and a carb kit but may have shot myself in the foot using carburetor cleaner to clean the core. The saw still won't start. The early WT-324 with the fuel connectors on the choke side is no longer available and the replacement, P/N 545081885, has the fuel connectors on opposite sides. The one on the left is just below the throttle connector and interferes with the throttle linkage.  Have I "trashed" my original WT-324 carburetor and, thus "trashed" my saw since I can't use the replacement carburetor?  Or is there a way to use the replacement carburetor? Any guidance would be very much appreciated. Thank you.
2018/10/22 23:42:23
MG12, I checked my stash of carburetors and I don't even have WT324 core in the lot. I would had sent one just for the shipping cost.
It sounds like you need the vendor you got the carburetor to see if they have any info what mods are needed for the saw. Other wise you may just need to make you own linkage that will work. Or you spend some time visiting shop in your area to see if they have any non working sitting around that has this carburetor on them but more they won't as that is usually the first thing get pulled.
BTW your saw is actually a Poulan that is rebadged as a Craftsman. Probably a Poulan 1950, 2050, or 2150.
2018/10/24 06:57:07
Some cleaners will actually eat the casting of the carburetor if it is left in too long.
Some use caustic soda, which will destroy aluminum. Some commercial household cleaners use this.
I use dawn to clean all my dirty greasy items.
2018/10/29 14:14:25
This is very useful manual which I saw
Your information about carb cleaner helped my friend

Thanks a lot
2018/12/04 16:06:15
Good infi indeed, I only use 100% gas & Seafoam* when I stabilize gas. 
2018/12/16 22:57:08

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