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Jacks Small Engines
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2015/11/13 11:26:30 (permalink)

Login, Registration, Password Issues

*You must register for an account before you can post or reply on a forum topic.
Why Can't I Login?
1) Login name was not found
  • Make sure you have an account first, if not, register an account
  • You can request a Login Name Reminder to be sent to your email.
2) Password was incorrect
  • Password is case-sensitive.
  • You can request Password Reset. An instructional email will be sent to you.
3) Captcha verification failed
  • Ensure you type in the characters as shown in the graphic.
  • Click on the graphic to refresh the characters if they are not legible.
4) User account has not been activated by verifying your email
  • Check your inbox and follow the instruction the software sent.
  • You can request the Validation Email to be sent to you again.
5) User account is banned.
  • Check with the forum administrators to verify.
Why Can't I Register My Username or Email?
  • Your login name of choice was used by another person already.
  • Your email has already been used (could be an old account of yours).
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Re: Login, Registration, Password Issues 2017/02/08 14:45:59 (permalink) ☄ Helpfulby HMS 2017/03/15 18:39:02
What is DotDefender and why is it blocking me?
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Re: Login, Registration, Password Issues 2017/03/07 16:39:40 (permalink)
Our Tech team seems to have resolved the issue. If you come across a blocking request, please provide the reference number.
Thank you and we apologize for the inconvenience.

Jacks Small Engines
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Re: Login, Registration, Password Issues 2017/03/15 21:59:21 (permalink)
It is obviously working now.
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Re: Login, Registration, Password Issues 2017/04/09 17:38:00 (permalink)
Still getting blocked

dotDefender Blocked Your Request


Please contact the site administrator, and provide the following Reference ID: 


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Re: Login, Registration, Password Issues 2017/06/29 20:30:14 (permalink)
Please remove my account....This forum is of no help to me.
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