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2016/09/11 09:03:37

What type of mower I need for football field ?

Hey everyone,
Unlike everyone I am looking for a lawn mower for our football field, recently we have added grass and now the grass has grown a lot bigger and we need to cut it down to make it compatible for us to play. I need a suggestion what type of lawn mowers I need for this purpose.
I have analyzed the types of lawn mowers available, and I know the (added an article as reference, list of the type of mowers) but not sure which one is suitable for our football field. Our football field is very small, we play 7 a side(not sure in yard). I am looking for lawn mower as cheap as possible. SO please recommend me what type of lawn mower and what brand as well.
Thanks in advance
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I would suggest a toro they are incredibly build and give a professional cut to it. I would suggest a toro 50" timecutter model:74661
2017/03/28 22:38:18
Have a look at GreenWorks 25022.
It is light. You can change the height using one finger. Really quite. The bag is easy to put on and take off.
I've used this mower for a couple months and am pretty happy that it performs well.
2017/05/12 03:54:22
Pretty light for a football field. I would suggest a quality zero turn. They have a high blade speed and offer a clean cut with good clipping dispersal which is what you need. Cheap doesn't cut it here, you will need to spend a few extra bucks.
2017/05/13 22:20:17

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