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2017/02/26 08:59:27

mower will not start. only clicks

i have a swisher zt2560.  has new solenoid, new starter motor, and new battery.  it will not turn over.  it cllicks when the key is turned.  worked fine last week, sat for a week and now this.
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It sounds like you have a loose ground somewhere. Loosen and retighten all the connections between the battery ( both positive and negative  on the battery as well as where the neg. cable is bolted to the frame ) cable to solenoid and from the solenoid to the starter as were as the bolts holding the starter to the engine. Other than that, take a voltage check of the battery itself. Must be over 12Volts. Other than that, take it back to whoever did the repairs.  Good luck !
2017/02/26 12:17:19
all cable ends were cleaned and tightened at the battery, at the ground to frame and at the solenoid.  the cable from solenoid to starter also cleaned and tightened.  battery reading is good.  Could it be a safety switch?
2017/02/27 08:48:28
What is clicking, relay or at the starter solenoid?
2017/02/27 11:42:19
Silly questions, but are you sittin in the seat properly with the seat belt clicked correctly? C/b the safety switch. Is it in gear?
2017/03/19 21:11:41

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