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2017/04/20 21:49:58

Kawasaki won't start.

I have a Cub Cadet with a Kawasaki FH661V motor. When i try to start it . All it does is trun over real slow then stop. But if i hook up a jumper to it. Then it spends real fast and start. I have put a new solenoid and Battery. Tested the starter is good. Then I justed the valves. Still wont start. Aim I missing something to check out?
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How exactly are you jumping it, with the mower battery or a vehicle battery?
2017/04/21 09:56:09
Battery charger.
2017/04/21 12:26:49
If you use jumper cables from mower battery to starter, any change? You said you adjusted the valves, what did you set them at? I like to set them then manually turn engine a few times then recheck.
2017/04/23 20:56:13

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