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2017/06/29 09:31:41

MTD LT4200 420cc Powermore engine

One of my neighbors has brought me a MTD LT4200 lawn tractor in need of repair.
she had over filled it with oil and ruined the rings and valves.
it will now pump all the oil out the exhaust and carb. I have no problem rebuilding
the engine but I can't find parts needed.
the powermore brand is new to me so with out spec I cant just order aftermarket parts.
any one know about getting parts for these engines.
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You need the numbers that start with 13.
Here is an example of a LT4200 with the engine parts on link below:
2017/06/29 10:44:55
Thank you Mikel 1. that will work, I was trying to find it by engine not mower.
2017/06/29 11:12:54
I don't see how overfilling it with oil would ruin the rings and valves, it should be fine once the smoke clears. Does the oil smell of gas? It may have flooded.
2017/06/29 12:38:11
well Roy she filled it till it ran out the dipstick then tried to mow with it. after her father come and drained the oil and re filled the right amount. it was missing smoking so they brought it to me. i cleaned the plug and exhaust and crankcase breather and blow by will blow all the oil to the carb and it dont take long till the sump is empty.
2017/06/29 13:44:25

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