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2016/03/22 09:36:03

2 cycle fuel/oil mix

My Poulan chain saw requires a 40/1 mix and my Mantis tiller a 50/1.  It is hard to keep fresh fuel for both.  Would the 40/1 work in the Mantis without harming the engine?
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2016/03/22 20:44:16
Absolutly, might smoke a little more, but I doubt you'd even notice a difference,
2017/03/17 06:20:09
A friend runs an equipment rental business, he adjusts most if not all of his 2-cycles to run on one mix ratio. You might try changing: the carb settings to "richer/leaner"; the spark plugs to a "hotter/colder" plug, or whatever else might work WITHOUT DAMAGING THE ENGINE.
2017/03/19 17:12:27

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