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2018/01/12 14:07:40

GP5500 Needs Silencer

Does anyone have a solution to the extremely loud exhaust on my Generac GP5500?
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You might quieten the exhaust a bit by adding an extension to the muffler but there is still mechanical noise from the engine. Use a longer extension cord lol
2018/01/13 12:01:30
Saw a utube video all the guy did was take piece of plywood and stack them on the sides with about a foot clearance on the bottom and it cut 10 dba off the sound and it still had plenty of air.
2018/09/05 20:43:54
Yes indeed, changing mufflers is a waste of $. Lots of folks are building little enclosures to run them in which is fine as long as it has plenty ventilation. I reflect the sound off mine using a couple pieces of osb board deflecting it toward the woods.
2018/10/17 23:30:21

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