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2018/12/12 12:26:35
Saw repair

Homelite 33cc Bandit chainsaw

What would be the best way to remove the plugs from the carburetor adjustment screws?
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You have already asked this question twice. I will leave it here where it belongs and delete the other, double posts waste bandwidth. I can't answer the question, I work on saws but don't touch the new Homelites.
2018/12/12 14:26:02
What is the saw's UT number as I can what carburetor setup it has? Or post a picture the carburetor EPA tamper resistant caps/plugs.
2018/12/12 14:48:41
Saw repair
The number is UT10901A. Thank you, for answering!
2018/12/12 15:31:41
Saw repair, I hate to ask for an image but Homelite has supersede the carb to one without these limiters so I will need see what you are dealing with.
2018/12/12 17:18:16
Saw repair
Well, the picture goes to 71% and stops right there on this site. Im not computer savvy enough to figure it out. Thank you for trying. Saw repair
2018/12/12 18:28:03
Hmmm Let try this then. Are they like these?

1. Rotate Low and Hi Mixture Needles counter-clockwise to line up Limiter Cap tabs with carburetor
locating slots. If tabs are not lined up with slots caps cannot be removed.
2. Screw left-hand thread 2.5mm Limiter Cap Tool (#91075) into Low Speed Limiter Cap and turn counterclockwise
until cap tab just clears the carb slots. Remove tool from cap by turning tool clockwise leaving
cap in place. NOTE: Use the 3.0mm oversize Limiter Cap tool (#91076) if the cap strips out.
3. Repeat Step 2 on High Speed Limiter Cap and completely remove cap.
4. Complete removal of Low Speed Limiter Cap.
2018/12/13 08:27:28
Saw repair
No. I have a black triangular piece on the left side of the carburetor that at the bottom has an orifice. In the orifice are the two adjustment screws. These have some type of metal plugs covering those screws.
2018/12/13 11:28:20
Saw repair
Hope this comes through ! AVB
2018/12/14 11:40:52

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