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2016/06/29 14:45:00

96 lawnboy

I have a '96 lawn boy 2-stroke mower that is hard to start and when it does, it will run for a few seconds then shuts off. Does anyone know what causes this to happen?
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Sounds like your not getting enough fuel, try a squirt of carb cleaner or starting fluid into carb.
What model is your LB?
2016/06/29 14:56:10
the model # is 10323
2016/06/29 15:02:40
If it starts up easily using above method then you may have to clean the carb. Several youtube videos on your model carb, disassembly and cleaning.
Also not a bad idea to replace spark plug if you haven't already.
2016/06/29 23:42:56
I had the same issue with that age Lawnboy and it turned out to be the ignition module.
2017/03/03 10:02:43

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