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2019/11/12 18:16:39

Murray riding mower (2005)

I have a 2005 Murray riding mower which needs a pinion gear.  This gear is no longer in production so I would like to know is there a replacement or how can I get one.  The  part number is 1401099MA.
M. Gillenwater
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Many low end riding mowers were/are actually made by AYP A(American Yard Products) and you may find the part you are looking for under a maker other than Murray.
2019/11/12 20:28:46
Your mower is among the last ones that Murray Ohio before they closed. On August 30, 2005, Lawrenceburg, TN produced its last lawnmower, closing on September 30, 2005. They were acquired by Briggs and Stratton but they didn't make any parts for these older mowers; otherwords, they just sold out the inventory of parts over time before Briggs started producing Murray mowers again. They also leased rights to the Murray brand to MTD and Husqvarna so they can make the Current Murray mowers.
Finding an NOS part will be very hard so you would need to an used part. I scanned eBay but nothing showed up that looks like you steering pinion gear.
2019/11/13 06:05:33
I did a search on that part number and many places com up as "no longer available" but it does look like at least one ebay place shows a used one:
And Messick's also lists that number as a Simplicity
But says it would need to be ordered so not likely they can get one.
2019/11/13 10:24:11
The problem is it doesn't look the same as Partstree image of the gear. Yes it is liest under Simplicity, Snapper, and Murray. Power Distributors which is Briggs main distributor is also listing the PN as NLA.

2019/11/13 10:55:13
I see what you mean, at first I was thinking it was just because the one on Ebay had the shaft in it but agree it does not look the same.
I know I would be sick to think that my mower was scrap for the sake of one little gear.
I know it may be 14 years old but my two main line snow blowers are at least twice that old! Just put updated motors on them so they will probably out last me!
2019/11/13 12:15:44
kshansenI know I would be sick to think that my mower was scrap for the sake of one little gear.

Then you how I felt when I had to retire one my Murray's years ago due unavailability of the transaxle input shaft What worse was that after went into business myself that I found out that it is still at the time as I was working on identical mower.
I no longer accept the first indication that a part is not available anymore and I do my research. It like the Husqvarna 570 I have in the shop now that new a new carburetor. Many of the online vendors have it as NLA but I have found the Zama carburetor already if I need it; going for a rebuild first.
2019/11/13 15:17:43

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