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2019/11/24 19:18:57

Brushed vs brushless alternator

I am most likely going to open a can of worms on this subject but I would like to get some opinions as to the pros and cons on which type of portable generator alternator is better, brushed w/AVR or brushless capacitor regulated with respect to THD, motor starting capabilities and maintenance.
Any information would be appreciated. Thank you.
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From my experience I suggest the brush type with AVR. More stable frequency and voltage control and easy to service. Auto idle is nice if you are looking at a unit big enough to be equipped with it, I have not seen a brushless with this feature. The brushless is simple, cheaper and virtually maintenance free but that comes at a price.
2019/11/25 02:19:20
One thing to consider is that electric motors can have an inrush current that can be 10 to 30 times the nominal current rating listed on the motor.
A good example is the 15 running amp 3 hp compressor motor I have here. Most would assume a 30 amp 5KW generator with 8 KW surge would be able to start it under load. Well it won't, matter it will fried the motor. I know as I fried one my compressor motors on my air portable air compressor trying to operate one while my shop had electrical service.
For THD I haven't never ran spectrum analyzer test on one either type.
2019/11/25 08:22:53
When I say electric motors I'm thinking more in line with 1/2 HP 3 wire well pump, furnace fans, fridge compressors etc. Does one style of generator for lack of a better term handle electric motor starts better then the other in terms of recovery time since there is always a dip in the RPM's when starting an electric motor.
2019/11/25 19:21:33
If this is case then it comes down to engine hp and how small of a governor droop it has. Larger engines handle sudden loading better. As do V twin over single cylinder engines.
2019/11/26 08:12:02

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