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2019/12/04 13:30:38

Toro starts without key

Hi, I have a Toro single stage commercial snowblower. Model # 38751. SS# 404461493. Issue is it starts without the key and will not shut off unless you choke it out or you have to reach under and pull the spark plug wire off. It looks pretty old and rusty. I'm thinking new ignition system. Wondering if its worth it to fix? It starts and sounds very good.
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Either the wire to the switch is off (common) or the switch has failed. It is easier to fix and cheaper than a new ignition system which is not the problem if the machine runs.
2019/12/04 14:22:29
The wires to the switch itself are rusted on tight. I've sprayed it with WD40, PB Blaster to no avail. I'm afraid I'll break it all if I pull any harder.
2019/12/04 16:31:50
Well a quick look on Toro web site shows switch costing under $13.00 so if that's all it takes to make this run right again I would jump at that to get a working snow blower even if just to have a spare one!
SWITCH ---40-5940
Might need a couple wire ends but very likely any hardware store could match them up if the Toro Dealer does not have them!
2019/12/05 08:14:42
Rust is a good electrical insulator so it is the likely cause. Those terminals should .250 version which is a common size. Either way the switch should be replaced too.
Just got make they are properly crimped and that can be a problem those cheap solderless terminals that most hardware stores sell. It more the tool and not the terminal themselves. I prefer to used open barrel terminal as I got ratchet crimper for them.
One other possible is that the coil's kill terminal has failed and that easy to test for by simply connecting the terminals to ground. Now of course the terminal at the coil is the best place to test as I have seen them rusted on other equipment. With the coil's terminal grounded the engine should not start.
2019/12/05 09:50:08
Thanks all
2019/12/05 21:26:22

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