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Bolen (MTD) Riding mower Starting issues

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2020/06/15 11:25:15 (permalink)

Bolen (MTD) Riding mower Starting issues

 Got an old (2005) Bolen (MTD) riding mower 15.5 HP 38 in cut. The previous owner had problems getting it started. My short experience with it is: 
To get it started you have to pull the spark plug out, crank it a few times, put the plug back it and  start cranking it all at the same time  lean down and slowly turn on the fuel in-line shut off value until it starts and then open fully. Then it runs like a charm. Then to shut it down you turn the in-line fuel shut off valve off and let it run out of gas. If you don't then it's pull the plug etc. Surly this isn't normal!!! Gotten pretty good at pulling that plug LOL
The original owner had said the in-line fuel shut off valve was put in as a recall back in the day.
Any thots?

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