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Hot!Ryobi ry08548 leaf blower

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2020/11/12 13:26:18 (permalink)

Ryobi ry08548 leaf blower

Hi all
I had a leaf blow that wasn’t starting. And I decided it needed a tune up anyways. So I replaced the spark plug, air and fuel filter, fuel lines. I cleaned the spark arrestor and rebuilt the carburetor. Which solved my problem. It starts and runs on choke but eventually dies same goes when I take it off the choke. I also can’t run it at full throttle. I did this 3 times and now it’s back to not even starting but it may be flooded too so. I’ll open the carburetor later. But my last thought is it might be the ignition coil/wire but I want to be sure before I replace it. So if anyone has any advise that would be much appreciated, thank you in advance.

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    Re: Ryobi ry08548 leaf blower 2020/11/12 14:29:35 (permalink)
    Rotary barrel carburetors can be picky at times which the Ryobi appears to have the Walbro WYC series. Just putting in a rebuild kit without first cleaning is one mistake. Then when replace the metering lever its height must be set correctly, metering diaphragm and gasket must installed in the correct order, and finally the carburetor must be re-tuned most times.
    Then of course the compression should have been tested before even getting to the carburetor as if the engine compression is below 100 psi it is a lost cause usually as the PNC would need replacing but the piston is already NLA. 
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    Re: Ryobi ry08548 leaf blower 2021/02/01 18:03:17 (permalink)
    One that carb, during the rebuild, did you pull out the high speed and low speed jets and clean those and the seats?  Sounds like a problem I used to have, I rebuilt a Zama carb and it sort of ran but eventually once it was hot it would lose power and die.  There were EPA plastic locks on the jets to limit adjustment, so I had not touched those during the rebuild.  I finally decided to cut the lock off and properly remove and clean the jets, and that solved one problem but caused another (until I figured out how to properly adjust the jets).
    If you have not done so, screw in the jets and count the number of turns needed for each until you bottom them out, right down that number, and then pull them out and clean clean clean.  Put them back where you found them and see if that solves the problem. 
    You may need to find the factory carb adjustment settings to make sure you properly set it up.
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