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Get Out Your Phones, Mobile Lawn Care Apps are here!

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2016/01/20 11:51:40 (permalink)

Get Out Your Phones, Mobile Lawn Care Apps are here!

In today's digital age everyone seems to always be on there phone - rightfully so - you can do everything from the palm of your hand now a days!
You've probably heard of apps, and even more specifically, uber. If not, uber is an app that connects drivers with people who need a ride somewhere -similar to a taxi, but easier- and everything is handled right there in the app, pick up, drop off, payment, etc. 
A few lawn care services have already begun taking advantage of this "uber-esque" technology.
Some popular companies such as Plowz & Mowz, LawnGuru, and LawnStarter all have an uber-like app where you can pick your service, get a quote, pay, and then relax! While many companies are in isolated area, this is a trend that could really take off.
The way that LawnGuru works is you sign up for an account, type in your address, see a satellite image, mark your lawn and get an estimate, once you accept the estimate, choose what day, and sometime within that day, your lawn will be taken care of.
It's pretty simple, and requires barely any effort on the home owner's part.
Some of these apps also handle snow removal, so when a storm is coming you don't even have to think twice about being able to get out of your driveway! 
What do you think? Is this a trend that will take off? Would you try it?
If you own a commercial service - would you consider doing this for your area?
Let us know! 
Read More -> [html]<a href="" target="_blank" rel="nofollow">The Increased Interest in 'Mobile' Lawn Care</a>[/html]
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