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Honda GX200, 6.5 HP

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2017/05/15 21:25:26 (permalink)

Honda GX200, 6.5 HP

I have a Honda GX200, model QX2 mounted on a Northstar pressure washer (Northern Tool).  One day it just quit. Removed  carb, cleaned and reinstalled.  Now have leak in shut off valve and can't get leak to stop.  Someone suggested to just replace the carb.  I did with what I thought was  carb #16100ZLOW51, which is supposed to be the replacement for this engine.  However, the nipple where the gas line attaches points straight up on the new carb.  I attached the gas line and the hose crimped so bad that I know no fuel can get through the bend.  Looked on the old carb and the nipple points to the side.  The exploded parts diagram picture here is such that the nipple cannot be seen.  I am wondering if I actually got the 16100ZLOW51?  Without a picture of the, I can't tell the position of the nipple.
As you can see from the attached pic, the carb on the left is the new one and you can see the nipple points straight up and the carb on the right, the old one, the nipple is horizontal.  Here the fuel line fits perfectly.
Any ideas, wrong carb?  I will note the new carb came with no paperwork!!

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    Re: Honda GX200, 6.5 HP 2017/05/19 22:58:17 (permalink)
    Looks like aftermarket not oem.
    Your may have to lengthen fuel hose to take out the extreme bend to carb.
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