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Hot!Trimmer Starting Issue

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2017/05/27 15:55:49 (permalink)

Trimmer Starting Issue

I have a Bolesn BL250 Trimmer. I replaced all fuel lines, Filter, Carburator and Fresh fuel with correct Fuel/Oil Mixture. I am able to get it started only when I put a couple of drops of Gas in the combustion chamber then replace spark plug. Once the engine is hot i can start it all the time and it stays running but when it cools down i have to do the same procedure. WHat other things do I need to do in order to resolve this issue?
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    Re: Trimmer Starting Issue 2017/05/29 21:39:06 (permalink)
    Are you using the primer bulb and choke working properly?
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    Re: Trimmer Starting Issue 2017/10/11 18:26:09 (permalink)
    Make sure the idle is set properly. Bring it up to the point where the clutch kicks in then bring it back to where the clutch disengages. This insures the low idle is correct.
    Next time when you are starting cold try to open the throttle just a hair and see what happens.
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