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Toro starting trouble

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2017/06/27 13:52:41 (permalink)

Toro starting trouble

Hi, I have a Toro Personal Pace (model 20372) that is a great mower; the problem is that I’m a bad owner and forced it to cut calf-high grass for two years. At some point I figured out that I could mess with a little arm on the side of the mower in order to increase power (via increased gas flow?). For a while I used a twisty-tie to regulate this, but over time the mower began to die occasionally, then more and more often. Now the only way I can start it is if I bleed some gas out through the carb (I think that’s what I’m doing, anyway), and it dies pretty quickly.
One thing that may be important: the arm I was messing with had a pin of some sort (looked like a bobby pin) that got lost. I tried to rig something in its place, but never got it right. Photo attached.
I enjoy tinkering with stuff, so if this is a fix that a competent homeowner could do, I’d be grateful for any advice!
Annie =)
P.S. One other question: Sometimes bugs get into the gas tank. I should probably fish them out, huh? (Ew…)

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    Re: Toro starting trouble 2017/06/27 17:44:00 (permalink)
    So governor isn't attached to governor arm.
    The governor controls the throttle, you can see the linkage on governor arm going back to carb. Governor is basically a cruise control and prevents overspeeding.
    Your problem sounds more like a dirty carb, pieces of bugs may have made it to the carb.
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    Re: Toro starting trouble 2018/03/07 11:56:32 (permalink)
    I agree with mikel1 I am actually not seeing a clip in the diagram. I would take the carb off and rebuild it and put it through an ultrasonic cleaner. if all this is to complicated to understand? I would take it to your local small engine
    repair shop. and have them rebuild or rehaul your carburetor. and as for the gas tank. drain all the gas out of it. remove it. plug the fuel line. pour some gas in it. just about to cover the bottom about an inch. put the cap back on. shake it up. and take the cap off and pour it out. repeat the cleaning about 2 more times. put the tank back on. reconnect the fuel line and you should be good. any more questions just ask. hope this helps you out some.
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    Re: Toro starting trouble 2018/03/07 13:24:34 (permalink)
    Okay this will take some disassembly to fix the governor issue as need to inspect the governor to make no damage has occurred to it. But here is the part number you need the clip, washer, oil seal at the governor arm pivot point where it exits the crankcase and a couple other items.
    120-4256 Hair Pin 1 ea
    136-7866 Flat Washer 2 ea
    121-0021 Oil Seal 1ea
    133-9893 Spring - Governor 1 ea
    133-9895 Crankcase Cover Gasket 1 ea
    It also sounds like you dirty issue too as suggested above.
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