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Hot!Tecumseh no spark

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2017/07/17 15:24:11 (permalink)

Tecumseh no spark

Tecumseh ohv 130, replaced coil, spark plug, checked all clearances, no matter if safety switches plugged or unplugged still no spark. Any ideas?

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    Re: Tecumseh no spark 2017/07/25 10:39:37 (permalink)
    I have experienced this same problem a lot with replacement ignition coils on almost every brand of equipment out there. Case in point: A Craftsman generator with 5hp Tecumseh, did everything you did, plus replacing the flywheel with the same result, no spark. Eventually, I found a working coil on a junk Tecumseh and cured the problem. I am finding that every replacement coil is defective. Now the problem here is that once you install any electrical component, they will not under any circumstances replace or reimburse you for it. My conclusion (my own) is that this is a conscious, planned deliberate program to force sales of new equipment. My own cure is that when I find any junk equipment with a functioning ignition coil, I cannibalize it for later. The problem is that there are so many different styles of these things. Anyone else out there finding dead coils right out of the box?
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    Re: Tecumseh no spark 2017/07/25 11:30:11 (permalink)
    Since I only use OEM coils I haven't seen this problem; yet.
    If I do find a defective new coil upon installation the vendor better replace it especially since I am in the business of repairs. No excuses for selling a defective product and not willing to replace or credit the purchase to professional shop. I understand that vendors try not to cover defective products but when a professional mechanic installs a product he usually knows what he is doing. Plus there will be bad products from time to time; no product is 100 prefect.
    Here is example of an electrical item that failed shorty after install this year, I mean with minutes. Kawasaki aftermarket voltage regulator. This was customer trying to save a few bucks on a repair. I ended up installing an OEM voltage regulator.Since I had to have the job out the next day I had to obtain the OEM regulator locally and sold at cost.
    I called my vendor explain what happen and that the OEM replacement was working correctly. My vendor had no problems crediting me the cost of the regulator. Of course I have been buying parts from them every since '09 with only a handful problems andeven through had only purchase $1.500 in parts in the last year from them. My actual parts purchases last year was near $10,000 from all my vendors.
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