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Hot!141LE husqvarna chainsaw

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2017/08/08 20:35:39 (permalink)

141LE husqvarna chainsaw

Hey guys, 
   heres my deal. i have the above chainsaw. It sat for about the last two years. I only used for a few hours total. I pulled it outta the garage and it wouldnt fire. I checked the plug and i do have spark. i checked the fuel line and it had fell to pieces. i replaced it along with the fuel filter. after that it still wouldnt fire. i pulled the carb apart. it was full of gunk. the little screen on the inside was caked full. soaked it for a couple of hours. cleaned right up. I then reassembled the carb, and tried to start it. It didnt start so i shot a spray of starter fluid in it. at that point it fired and ran for a few seconds. I cant get it to start almost like its still not getting fuel. any thoughts on what i may have missed? thanks in advance for the help.

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    Re: 141LE husqvarna chainsaw 2017/08/08 21:24:21 (permalink)
    First of all, leave the starter fluid on the shelf. It is for diesels and is very hard on 2 stroke engines. The carb diaphragms are likely toast, clean the carb thoroughly and replace them.
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    Re: 141LE husqvarna chainsaw 2017/08/09 14:21:39 (permalink)
    Something else have the carburetor ultrasonic cleaned as many carburetor cleaner especially the dip version is very harmful the internal check valves of those cube carbs. Also don't direct compressed air as it blow out these little which be as small as 3mm or less.
    Once cleaned and a kit is installed don't forget to set the metering lever to the correct height. They are seldom right out of the package.
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    Re: 141LE husqvarna chainsaw 2017/08/15 13:59:08 (permalink)
    With old gas left in carb for that long, I would just buy another carb. Carb is around $30.
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