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Motor runs great but generator does not produce electricity

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2017/09/12 16:05:33 (permalink)

Motor runs great but generator does not produce electricity

I have a McCulloch 7500 portable generator that will not produce electricity. I have replaced the capacitor two times and it goes bad each time. My questions are 1- Is there a way to recharge the capacitor (I've heard it can be done witha drop cord but that seems dangerous to me) and 2-what could keep causing the capacitor to go bad. The unit has less than two hours on it and unfortunately I let the unit run out of fuel with a semi-large load on it. When I refueled it and started the motor again, it would not produce any electricity. Any suggestions? 

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    Re: Motor runs great but generator does not produce electricity 2017/09/13 11:38:07 (permalink)
    Dying under load should not cause a problem normally.
    When you say the capacitor goes bad each time, please explain how it does. Capacitor don't normally go bad usually unless they are under rated or very old. You can not install an electrolytic capacitor in place of a non-electrolytic type.
    Please don't not attempt the procedure you describe on trying to recharge the capacitor. It is very dangerous if done. If the capacitor is an electrolytic it can explode if AC is applied.
    With having been run just before failure there should enough residual magnetism in the rotor to generate the needed charging on it own.
    From what I understand you may more problems than just a bad capacitor. In this case you need service info on the alternator to do proper testing. Please carry this generator to an experience technician that has generator troubleshooting experience; you are dealing lethal voltages.
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