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[FAQ]Searching the Forum?

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Searching the Forum?

How do I search messages in the forums?
To search for messages in a forum, the easiest way is to use the Search Forum menu item near the top of the page.
Simply type in the keywords and hit Enter to begin the search process.
I am not seeing the search box on my page?
This simply means the admin disabled the search feature either entirely or for your User Group. Search is a resource intensive process which admin will find necessary to turn off at times.
Can I search within a specific forum(s)?
If you wish to limit your search to a specific forum(s), you can click on the Search Forum menu to use the full search interface, where you will find a list box with all available forums for you to specify.
You can also make multiple selections using the Ctrl key on your keyboard.
Alternatively, when you are inside a forum, you can make use of the "Search this forum" feature above the message list. Use this box and the search result will be limited to the forum you are in. You will also find a similar search feature inside a message thread.
Why does my search return no results?
There are 2 possible reasons: either there are indeed no results or you are searching using words which are listed as "noise words" by the server.
Examples of noise words in English are: we, you, I, them, etc. So if your phrase contains only these words, the search will not return any result.
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