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Hot!Electric Start Toro not working

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2017/10/02 13:20:19 (permalink)

Electric Start Toro not working

Have Toro Model 20495 electric start.  Mower starts on first or second pull from cord but electric start working just a month ago is no longer working. I checked the key/switch itself with a multi-miter and verified the switch is working.  The battery was new this spring.  Is there a fuse in the equation or perhaps I have other connection issues?  The mower doesn't even make a sound when turning the clicking sound or no attempt by the mower to start but just won't turn over....nothing at all happens when turning the key.  Where do I go from here to trouble shoot the source of the issue?
Thank you!
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    Re: Electric Start Toro not working 2018/03/07 13:18:22 (permalink)
    there should be a switch next to the battery. if it's blown replace it. try testing the new battery it could be bad. I know it sounds stupid but it happens. if that checks out ok. if it is grounded check the grounding wire connection and the wire hooked up to it. if that's good. I know u did this, but check the switch for continuity. if that's good I would say it's the two wires connecting from the switch, to the battery. disconnect both ends, and check each wire with a continuity tester. if everything else checks out okay, I would say its those wires. also make sure there making a good connection. an gently shake the wires as you test for continuity. if it intermittently sounds. that's your problem and replace that wire. hope this helps. good luck.
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