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Batteries – Are They the Future of Power Equipment?

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2015/11/25 13:52:13 (permalink)

Batteries – Are They the Future of Power Equipment?

Say goodbye to clogged carbs and say hello to quieter, lighter power equipment.
Lithium-ion batteries are on the rise.
Over the last few years brands such as Toro, Husqvarna, Cub Cadet and many others have been creating new power equipment that can be run solely on lithium-ion batteries.
"What's the advantage?" you may ask. The truth is, there are many advantages to running lithium-ion power equipment.
One of the biggest advantages that comes with battery  operated equipment is quite simple, no more fuel! With ethanol content steadily rising in gasoline, more and more people are complaining of clogged fuel lines and carburetors because of the nasty goop that ethanol leaves behind. Never worry about that again. 
Another advantage that may be over looked is the noise, or lack there of. The battery powered equipment is constantly improving as research and testing is done. Many of the people who own or have tried out the battery operated equipment are suprised at how little noise the equipment makes. This makes battery operated equipment ideal for people who live in developments. 
Equipment from chainsaws to trimmers to leafblowers and more are being made with rechargeable lithium-ion batteries and are becoming more and more powerful. 
With increasing fuel issues, keep your eyes on the up and coming lithium-ion battery powered power equipment market!
Plus, check out some of the equipment here at [html]Mowers at Jacks![/html]
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    Re: Batteries – Are They the Future of Power Equipment? 2015/12/08 22:50:20 (permalink)
    I have not tried any battery powered equipment yet. As far as landscape equipment goes so I can not comment on that. But one of the services I provide is extrrior surface cleaning (roofing, siding, fences, windows etc. And 90% of my equipment runs on batteries. Quiet, no emissions, and best of all most of them have solar panels recharging them continually.

    Can the landscape equipment withstand commercial use? I run my blowers and trimmers for hours on end.

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