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Husqvarna Z246 zero turn...

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2018/04/15 12:35:39 (permalink)

Husqvarna Z246 zero turn...

I purchased a Husqvarna Z246 in June 2017.  Really like the machine.  My only issue from the start was the starting procedure.  Didn't know that the throttle lever had to be in the snowflake position for cold starts. I don't mean sub zero.  Its northeastern Ohio in the summer!  So when I put the lever to snowflake, it takes a bit for the engine to start and when it does, I get some smoke.  Being old school, it seems like the "choke" isn't closed all the way but I am told there is no choke on the B/S engine.  I was told from another forum that there was a throttle cable adjustment bulletin but I cannot seem to locate it if, in fact, there was/is one.  One the engine is warm, it will start with the lever anywhere.
Am I missing the correct starting procedure?  Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you

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