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Engine Model 28N707-0121-01

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2018/05/13 19:30:47 (permalink)

Engine Model 28N707-0121-01

Very irritated because I am trying to find the correct Walbro carb for this engine.  My problem is that I do not have the correct carb on the engine I am thinking.  The Briggs part number for the carb is #698620.  I have a LMT 5-4993 that I was trying to put on.  Trouble is the needle valve is too short and will not shut off the fuel.  Bought another one based on the engine # and same thing.  Perhaps someone else did the same thing. Really frustrated that B&S could not give me the correct Walbro carb model # that is suppose to be on this engine.  The Walbro no of the carb is LMT 5-4993.  When I do a search on the Walbro website I draw a blank. Why do these mfg. make things so difficult?  Lost two whole days over this. I believe this carb would work fine if I could find the correct needle valve for it.

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    Re: Engine Model 28N707-0121-01 2018/05/13 22:00:29 (permalink)
    That would the the casing number for generic LMT before it is setup. On the mounting should be a number like 133 or similar but all the LMT pretty well use the same 231855S Viton rubber tip needle which has an overall length of 16mm.
    Now the needle seat can be installed too deeply or is damaged and not sealing. If you do need to replace the seat you need to use to correct seat depending gravity fed or pump fed.
    Gravity fed seat is PN 690577
    Pump fed seat is PN 691780
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