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150cc 500 series carb problem

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2018/06/04 14:00:32 (permalink)

150cc 500 series carb problem

I have a 10T502 1022 b1 10011352 that slows then speeds its engine speed repeatedly almost to the point of stalling. I've degreased all around the carb including the governer springs. They seem to be functioning correctly but I'm not sure. I know ethanol gas was used for awhile so I was wondering if the carb diaphragm might need to be replaced.
Hope some one can help. Thanks Bryon

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    Re: 150cc 500 series carb problem 2018/06/04 20:41:07 (permalink)
    Hold your finger on the throttle shaft, if it smooths out the governor is too sensitive. Remove the blower housing and ensure the cooling fins are clear.
    If it stumbles and quits fuel delivery is the issue. The diaphragm may be due for replacement, the engine is eight years old. Also check the o-ring in the carb where it mounts to the tube. 
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