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Hot!Club Car engine question

Ghost Town Tom
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2018/07/05 20:56:17 (permalink)

Club Car engine question

I have a club car with a Kawasaki 290 FE engine. Upon disassembly of engine, had a bad noise,I found that one of the counter weight rods had spun a bearing on the crankshaft, but somewhere in the process the 'wrist' pin that connects the other end of the rod to the counter weight had come out of the counterweight. I believe the spun bearing created a lot of play in the rod that eventually worked the pin out of the counter weight. My question is the old pin seems to still fit fine back into the counter weight, but how tight should the pin be in the counter weight? I tapped it back in with lite hammering. Crank shaft is new, new rod, old pin. Am I ok using the old pin? I don't need it wandering out!
Thanks for any insight!

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    Re: Club Car engine question 2018/07/06 00:29:22 (permalink)
    I wouldn't take the chance of it working loose again and doing serious damage.
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