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Hot!About #595101 flywheel and #796201 fan

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2018/07/16 18:13:20 (permalink)

About #595101 flywheel and #796201 fan

Hi -  First, I have a B&S Intek 17 HP (Model: #311777, Type: 0131-E1, Code: 980 127Z0) which, so far as I can work out, takes a #595101 Flywheel.  When the starter motor pinion started to slip I removed the existing flywheel to find its plastic teeth were chewed out.  My question: does the #595101 flywheel come with either steel or plastic/nylon/synthetic teeth?  If plastic/nylon/synthetic what is the part number? 
Secondly, has the flywheel fan been changed?  The one for my flywheel has 4 posts for securing cover-screen screws.  I am checking out part #796201 which appears to have different variations.
With thanks.

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    Re: About #595101 flywheel and #796201 fan 2018/07/16 19:11:53 (permalink)
    Sounds like someone hybridize the engine not knowing that you can't use a 14 tooth steel pinion gear in place of a 16 tooth plastic pinion. Using a steel starter pinion will every time destroy the plastic or aluminum ring gear as it is designed for a 16 tooth plastic starter pinion gear. The steel is to be use only with the steel ring gear.
    Due a change the keyway of the crankshaft you will need to determine if you have a straight or angled keyway but both flywheels uses steel ring gear.
    When I looked up the 311777-0131-E1 it doesn't either of part number you are listing but they are reference for the 31P777 series.
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